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Job benefits you can expect to receive as an English teacher in the Seoul Capital
Teachers in Seoul can expect to receive a number of excellent job benefits through their Korean employer. The job benefits listed on this page apply to 90% of all job offers presented by Seoul Teaching Job Services.

Korean Lanterns
Accommodations: Schools provide all western teachers with fully furnished rent free apartments. The teacher accommodations are usually within walking distance of the school.

Airfare: Free airfare to and from South Korea. Schools in Seoul usually provide a one-way ticket airfare to Korea and a return one-way ticket airfare when the contract has been completed. Teachers can depart from any international airport in their home country.

Salary: Teachers in Seoul can expect to earn 2.0 - 2.6 million Korean won per month. Your salary will depend on qualifications, related work experience and the type of school.

Health Insurance: Korean law dictates that all Korean employers provide western staff with 50% cost coverage of a medical insurance plan. The remaining 50% is deducted from the teacher's monthly salary.

Severance Package: Upon completion of the full 12 month contract period your school will provide you with a severance package equivalent to 1 month's salary. Example: If you are making 2 million won per month then you will receive an additional 2 million won bonus at the end of your contract.

Paid Vacation: Expect to receive 10 - 12 business days worth of paid vacation time during the 12 month period. Schools tend to disperse the vacation breaks into separate blocks throughout the year.

National Holidays: Teachers in Korea can expect to receive the same national holidays as government offices and corporate
entities in the country. Korea currently has 12-14 national holidays each year; the number of vacation days (business days) received depends on the actual date of the holiday.

Traditional Korean dress
Tax: Korea has limited taxation rates when compared to their western counterparts. As a teacher you will be expected to pay 3 - 5% of your total income. Your employer will deduct this tax directly from your monthly paycheck; therefore filing taxes personally will not be required.

Overtime Pay: Most schools in Seoul provide overtime pay for hours worked above 120 hours per month. The overtime rate depends on your school and class duration. Most schools pay 15,000 won/hr for 40 minute classes, 18,000 won/hr for 50 minutes classes, 20,000 won/hr for 60 minutes classes and 28,000 won/hr for 80 minute classes.

Working Visa: The school will sponsor your stay in Korea with a
legal Korean work visa, E2 visa, which is issued from the Korean Immigration Office.

Curriculum: Seoul is by far the most established location in the country for English schools. The large majority of schools throughout Seoul have a developed curriculum and abundance of quality teaching resources available.

English schools in South Korea provide teachers with the best job benefits in Asia, they're also some of the most lucrative job offers in the world when compared to other countries with established ESL markets.

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