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Job Offers from Seoul Teaching Services & Korean Schools
Seoul Teaching does not post openings on a jobs available list, nor do we post teacher profiles online for any random school to view and mention interest in your application.

How does the ESL school application process work?
After we have received your online application, conducted a brief interview and answered your initial questions we will begin presenting your application to the schools we represent in the Seoul region. The schools then notify us of their interest, or lack there of, in your application to teach. After the schools have mentioned interest in your application we present the working conditions, school details, location descriptions and school photos for you to review. If you are interested in any of the potential offers then we schedule an interview between the teacher (you) and the school director. For more information on the complete job process, please visit our Procedures page.
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Do the ESL job offers I receive from Seoul Teaching mean I can choose what job I want? All offers presented by Seoul Teaching Job Services means the school has already reviewed your profile and application, they have mentioned interest in your services as an ESL English teacher, and they have specifically requested a phone interview with you. Whether a formal offer is presented depends on your interview results with the school.

How many offers will I receive from Korean schools?
This depends on your profile (age, nationality, certifications, previous experience, etc.) and your desired starting date (there are more jobs available during specific months of the year). Sometimes we are able to present you with 3-4 offers to select from, other times only 1 and sometimes there are no offers we are able to present you with. Much depends on the variables that were stated above.

We understand the value of teacher applications and do our best to accommodate as many people as possible. Rest assured, we will make every effort to accommodate your requests and provide as many offers as we can.

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