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Securing a job in Korea - Resumes, photos, cover letters and interviews
The Seoul region is the most competitive ESL market in Korea and many of the large schools in desirable locations receive multiple applications for every opening available. Securing your desired job depends on the way you present yourself to potential employers in Korea. In-person interviews are obviously not feasible because of distance and monetary restraints, therefore it's imperative to make sure the documents you prepare for the schools are respectable.

Employers in South Korea require 4 documents from our company when a teacher application is submitted. The way these documents are presented WILL have an impact on your placement. Please find a number of tips and advice listed below,

1. Resume - Your resume should include all work related experience. If you do not have official work related experience then make sure to include a section stated "Job Related Experience". In this section try to include any experiences you have had that are directly related to teaching. Coaching, refereeing, baby sitting, etc. are all relevant pieces of information to include on an ESL resume.

Han riverSeoul skyline

2. Photo - Photos are an extremely important part of the application procedure. Korean culture places a lot of importance on the way a person presents themselves in public and in photographs. Even if you're not a real teacher, the schools still search for people who 'look like teachers'. They want clean cut, well dressed and friendly looking applications to select from. With this in mind, Seoul Teaching Services recommends submitting 2 photos for the schools to review. Do not submit photos that make you look too serious or unfriendly! Employers try and judge a person's character based on the way they look in the photos provided and smiling in the photos you submit usually helps.

3. Cover Letter - Cover letters are not a mandatory requirement for submitting an application to us, or us submitting your application to the schools we represent in Seoul. However, cover letters do make a difference in your application! Korean employers are interested in people who want to 'teach in Korea'. Taking the time to write a cover letter to potential employers will likely result in more job offers.

4. Interview - When you're taking interviews with potential schools refrain from monetary and entertainment questions, otherwise they will assume you're coming for a working vacation and have little interest in teaching English. Schools want people who are interested in 'teaching English' not partying and backpacking all year. Employers want to know you're sincere about the job and they listen carefully to what you say. When they ask you questions, do NOT answer in single sentences. The teacher's job is to stimulate English conversation with their Korean students and demonstrating to the schools that you're outgoing and eager to speak WILL help you secure the position. The director would likely choose a different applicant if he/she feels that you're not outgoing or talkative enough.

Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions regarding your documents. One of our agents will be happy to discuss these matters with you in more detail and provide tips and advice if needed or requested.

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