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Job requirements for teaching in Korea
Passport & Compass
Citizenship - Korean Immigration only accepts teacher applications from people who have citizenship and a valid passport from within an English speaking country. The Korean government has classified 7 countries in this category; Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Native English Speaker - The English language must be your first language or 'mother tongue'. Unfortunately, teachers without this qualification will not be considered for teaching opportunities in Seoul.

Bachelors Degree or Greater - Please note: college grads with certifications only are not able to obtain working visas with Korean Immigration. Teachers must possess a bachelor's degree or greater, additionally, the degree must
come from one of the 7 countries listed in the citizenship section above. Example: American or Canadian citizens who obtained their bachelors degree from an Italian, French, etc. university are not able to apply for an E2 work visa in Korea.

Required Documents for teaching in Korea - In order to have your work visa processed you will need to have all of the following documents available.

Original University Diploma - Teachers will need to submit their original bachelor's level diploma before obtaining a work visa. Notarized copies with an Apostille certificate are also acceptable. Note: Americans, British, Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans must have an Apostille certificate from the department of State office before applying for the work visa.
Canadians do not use Apostille, therefore teachers from Canada will need to have their diplomas notarized by a notary public, then brought or mailed to the Korean consulate in their jurisdiction for a Consulate verification stamp.

Officially Sealed Transcripts - Teachers will be required to present officially sealed transcripts from their college or university to verify the diplomas authenticity. Your sealed transcripts must be 'officially sealed' and the university seal should be overlapping the back flap of the envelope in addition to the issuer's signature and a dated stamp when possible. Transcripts that do not meet Immigration requests will be rejected by the Immigration office. Two sets of transcripts will be required, therefore make sure to obtain duplicate copies. Please Note: Your transcripts MUST illustrate the full (3 years minimum) term of your university/college career.

Criminal Background Check - All teachers need to submit a criminal background check to the Korean immigration office. Note: Background checks are also known as; criminal clearance letters, criminal history reports, criminal background search.
Canadian Teachers - Must request a Vulnerable Sector Search when applying for their background check.
American Teachers - Must request a State Wide search. County and/or city checks may result in visa related problems when applying.
UK, NZ, AS, SA Teachers - Must request the appropriate background check from their local or provincial police offices.

Valid Passport - You must have a valid passport from one of the 7 countries listed. Korean Immigration requires individuals to have at least 6 months remaining on their passport expiry. Less then 6 months remaining on your passport will result in denied access when going through customs. Seoul Teaching recommends having at least 12 months remaining on your passport.

Official Passport Photos - 5 official size passport photos will be needed. Black and white photos will not be accepted.

Self Health Assessment Form - You will need to complete a self assessed medical form in addition to the other documents listed. You can locate this form on our document downloads page.

Visa Application Form - A completed visa application form will eventually be required by the Korean consulate in your area. Note: You will need a sponsor (Korean employer) before you're able to complete the form. The Seoul Teaching staff will provide you with the proper information at the correct stage of the procedures. The visa form can be downloaded from our document downloads page.

Desirable Traits and Characteristics - From a Korean employer and recruiter's perspective
     - Recruiters and schools do take these factors into consideration when speaking to the applicants.
     - Speaks clearly and effectively
     - Able to hold and maintain a conversation
     - Friendly and easy to speak with
     - Independent personality (if you're a dependant person then chances are you will face many obstacles in Korea)
     - Open minded and able to adapt
     - Enthusiasm for teaching and experiencing Korean culture. Recruiters and employers alike tend to refrain from applicants
       that are interested in coming to Korea for monetary or backpacking purposes only.

Once your application has been received one of our staff members will email you a teacher guidelines document that is specific to your nationality. The document will explain the documents process in more detail.

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